Tonight: LiveWire’s ‘Hideous Progeny’

As fall creeps upon us, it’s time for another Frankenstein-related play. The last one I saw didn’t really spark my bolts. Let’s hope LiveWire’s production exceeds that. However, nothing could be as good as this one sounds like it should have been. At any rate, info on LiveWire’s Hideous Progeny below:

LiveWire Chicago Theatre presents a world premiere drama
at the Chicago DCA Storefront Theater
August 26 – September 26, 2010
More info here >

From LiveWire’s press release:

It was a dark and stormy night in a house by the lake, when Mary Shelley famously took up her host Lord Byron’s challenge to write a terrifying story and created Frankenstein, one of the most famous novels in the Western canon. Witty, salacious, and often melodramatic, Emily Dendinger’s play depicts the larger than life Romantic figures as the normal teenagers they were – overeducated, egotistical, and ready to change the world.

Lord Bryon, Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley…these are names familiar to literature enthusiasts, but there is another side to the mythic creation of their work. As he challenged his guests to create something original, Byron argues that there are two ways that a man can live forever – create a child or a work of immortal art. Already famous and possessed of a daughter, Byron has achieved his place in history, but it comes at the price of exile. Percy Shelley has dotted the British coast with his offspring, yet struggles to write something truly great. Meanwhile, Mary suddenly finds herself coming to terms with herself as a creator of both children and words and an unlikely flirtation with Byron. She strives to find a balance in motherhood, career and personal identity in ways all too familiar to a 21st century woman.

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