‘Inner Cartography’ at the Chicago Fringe Festival

The brain is an incredibly miraculous thing. This three-pound mass of flesh operates a highly-complex, integrated information processing and control system, with billions of neurons firing information down our spinal cord to make us do things like write blog posts at 4:30 am.

Working with neuroscientist Miriam Sach of University California-San Diego, local choreographer Megan Rhyme has created a 45-minute dance piece that explores the relationship between our bodies and the way our brains process information. Four agile women twist and twitch through three sections, accompanied by a trio of curious compositions by Sam Hertz. The movements in each section evolve from what I’d describe as “schizophrenic robot” to “curious humanoid.”

Ok — really? This piece was completely over my head. I can’t say I liked it, but I admired it for its originality and focus. People around me seemed both baffled and inspired. Rhyme led a post-show Q&A, and it’s evident that she’s a smart artist who’s devoted a great deal of time to researching the way our brains work and how to translate that to dance. I’m sure she’ll go on to do great things. I’m just not sure I’m the audience for it.

2 thoughts on “‘Inner Cartography’ at the Chicago Fringe Festival

  1. Don’t feel bad. Often, I don’t understand dance. Remember that Joffrey piece we saw that was about religion? I don’t think I entirely understand why it was about religion. However, it was visually stunning and I enjoyed watching the dancers.

    Maybe we’re just not “dance people.”

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