Upcoming theatre-y things

Time to get my big boy theatre pants on and strap myself in for the next five days:

Theatre-y thing #1: This evening I’m speaking with up-and-coming playwright Dana Lynn Formby — whose play, Inherit the Whole, proved a powerful kick start for Mortar Theatre‘s first season — about her latest work, Corazon de Manzana, which will receive a reading at Victory Gardens’ studio space Nov. 8. Keep an eye out for that interview.

Theatre-y thing #2: Tomorrow (Wednesday), I’m crossing the street from my office at the Prudential building to check out dance group Sankai Juku at Harris Theatre — “one of the most important Butoh dance companies in the world,” says the theatre’s website. Since my reference point for Butoh dance is about as defined as my understanding of football or Farmville, I’ll take their word for it. It looks amazing, anyway.

Theatre-y thing #3: Thursday, I’m seeing the much-anticipated Robert Falls-helmed production of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull at the Goodman. Buzz has already been very strong, and the cast looks divine. Can’t wait!

Theatre-y things #4 and #5: Friday and Saturday, it’s a camp Halloween spooktacular, starting with Musical of the Living Dead! at The Cowardly Scarecrow Theatre Company (they offer a splatter section, which I may take them up on), followed by Nightmare in Paradise 2: Another Nightmare in Paradise… in 3D! (love the title) at Nothing Special Productions.

Check back for my thoughts on the above!

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