Musicalized gorefest: ‘Musical of the Living Dead’

A scene from “Musical of the Living Dead”

Here is where my review was supposed to go of the new “zombie com” (zombie comedy) musical, Musical of the Living Dead. However, life got in the way at the last minute yesterday evening, and I had to forgo the show. Bummer, as I was really looking forward to seeing a campy zombie musical. At any rate, I still want to promote the show, because I think it sounds like a great time.

Center Stage’s Colin Douglas, whose opinions I usually agree with, wrote a good review of the show.

Here’s A.V. Club’s description of the show from a recent “behind the scenes” feature:

“Filled with references to movies like Night Of The Living Dead, Dead Alive, and Shaun Of The Dead, Musical Of The Living Dead strikes a nice balance between the all-out gore-fest of today’s zombie films and the over-the-top drama of musical theater. It also promises something most other musicals cannot: buckets and buckets of blood.”

Musical of the Living Dead plays through Oct. 31, 2010, Thurs. — Sat. with a special performance on Halloween. All shows at 7:30 p.m. at the Charnel House: 3421 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 60647. More info here >

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