Thirty plus one years.

As I enter my 31st year, I’m thankful for:

– A family that loves and supports me without question.
– A partner who keeps me balanced and with whom I still enjoy waking up next to, 11 years into it.
– The few close friends whom I’ve leaned on for support, particularly in the past month (you know who you are).
– The release of this concert on DVD … on my birthday.
– My health and my sense of humor.
– Show tunes.
– This bottle of wine that Gator and I have nearly polished off.
– A city and theatre scene that keep me excited and inspired on a daily basis.
– This blog, which offers a much needed creative outlet.
– Gadgetry:

(Gator got me this iPod nano for my bday gift — pre-loaded with my tunes. LOVE.)

Stay well, kittens! Seeing some great shows soon, and will report back. Thanks for reading.

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