Useless headphones, free for the taking

For someone who didn’t own anything by Apple a little more than a year ago, I’ve certainly evolved quickly: an iPhone 3GS (soon upgrading to 4), an Apple TV, an iPod Nano and an iMac.

I’ve also amassed a collection of the most useless accessory ever invented by mankind:

While you could blame my misshapen ears for not having the correct bits to hold these buds in place, I mostly blame Apple. The moment I insert these ridiculous things in my ears, they leap right out, as if repulsed by the site of me and my freakish ear canals. One can only take so much rejection in life, really.

Anyone need some headphones?

6 thoughts on “Useless headphones, free for the taking

  1. My ears are apparently also too freakish for Apple to accomodate, only my problem is that my ear-holes are apparently too small to fit the little bastard earbuds into. So, I remedy this problem with a good old fashioned set of headphones that doesn’t fall off and doesn’t hurt. Earbuds blow.

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