‘Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies’ at Second City: where’s the director?

The original cast of “Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies.”

Tuesday night, following a long day of meetings, I went with a group to see the Second City revue Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies. This show has been running nearly six months, and it shows.

Oh, the show’s entertaining, with some dull moments (including an interactive sketch involving people from the audience reading aloud a screenplay that seemed just as bad six months ago, according to Chris Jones) and many bright moments (a sketch were people played office furniture and a touching yet funny scene between two foreign Taste of Chicago food stand workers).

However, as great a time as everyone had, I couldn’t help but be annoyed at how distracted the actors were onstage. I’ve seen Second City cast members break character in sketches and laugh in the middle of a scene, and that’s funny and amusing to see. But when it happens in nearly EVERY SKETCH, it’s obnoxious. I largely blame Tim Robinson who was clearly trying to trip up his fellow cast members by doing things like playing with their throats while they sat in chairs, or smirking at them when they were delivering what was to be a sincere line of dialogue. Director Matt Hovde needs to go back and get this talented group back on track. One actor shouldn’t be allowed to throw the entire thing off balance like that.

Anyway, that’s my piece.

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