Wishing you a ‘loosey goosey’ Christmas

Thank you for visiting Chicago Theatre Addict — I have some exciting things in store for the post-holiday season and into the new year, so I hope you continue reading.

Until then, may your holidays be as bright and lively as a Donna McKechnie head pop:

(For the three of you reading this blog who don’t know, Donna McKechnie is the one in red, and her famous head pops start at 1:55.)

3 thoughts on “Wishing you a ‘loosey goosey’ Christmas

  1. It’s not Christmas without Donna’s head-popping and the endless question,” WTF is this song about?.. Tom Turkey ran away but he just came home?” :)

    1. Someone told me it’s a song based on a children’s book? But I’ve yet to find fact of that claim. I just consider it a product of the swingin’ sixties!

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