Why I don’t watch ‘Glee’

I can’t tell you how many times my friends and family members have said, “Why don’t you watch ‘Glee?’ It should be right up your alley!”

First off, I’m one of those annoying people who don’t watch much T.V. (aside from every procedural crime drama known to man, thanks to my partner who lives for that stuff). The three episodes I have seen (including the very first episode, where I expressed my critiques of the show) have pretty much confirmed that it’s a hollow, High School Musical, auto-tuned desperation fest. Not even Jane Lynch, whom I adore, could balance out all the things that irritate me to no end. I mean, the auto-tuning in that show makes everyone sound like creepy robot singers. Where’s the soul? Why do people enjoy listening to that?

Also, if I already didn’t care for Lea Michele before, last night’s performance during Chris Colfer’s Golden Globes acceptance speech sealed the deal. (Pardon my outburst at the end. Warning: brief profanity):

Seriously, does the girl have no shame? Or any redeeming qualities? If she does, I’d like to hear them in this post’s comments.

Oh, and finally: it’s not a glee club — it’s a show choir.

(Finally, finally: an experiment — I wonder how many hits this blog post will get because I used the words Lea Michele, Glee, Chris Colfer and Golden Globes. I’m guessing 29.8 trillion. Hopefully.)

20 thoughts on “Why I don’t watch ‘Glee’

  1. Also – Cheerleaders don’t wear their uniforms every day. And on a more serious note, the 11-13 year olds watching get to learn about how much sex they should be having in high school. Awesome.

  2. I agree with you about GLEE. I’m not quite sure what I don’t like about it, but it just doesn’t interest me. It’s like certain former boyfriends of mine – – it looked like a perfect match on first glance, but once I sat with it for awhile, not so much.

    Lea’s “Biid for the 2011 Emmy” crying jag didn’t bother me so much. I was too busy screaming the same words you were screaming when Matt Damon told America that he doesn’t really see a lot of movies since he’s too busy making them. (Note to Matt Damon: Lick me where I can’t reach.)

    1. OMG. Did Matt Damon really say that? I turned the thing off just before the “tribute” to Robert De Niro.

      Hollywood is more clueless now than ever.

  3. Yep. I’ve watched two episodes and found the show and the characters to be hollow, soulless, non-musical and un-fun. I do not get the national craze. At all.

  4. Glee has a lot of issues going on, most of which Bob mentioned (Auto tune, etc). The biggest issue I have with the show is Kurt. In the first season, I felt like they handled a lot of the gay issues really appropriately and in a way that people could actually relate to. This season, I feel like the character has just become a walking-talking-gay stereotype in every sense of the term. I also feel like he has a fine voice all on his own, but for whatever reason, his is the one that receives the most attention in post processing. The effect is horrendous and makes him sound like a computer instead of a human singing. If they actually gave him songs that were in his vocal range (and not ones originally intended for women), I feel like he could actually get a shot at showing off his talent.

  5. I can’t stand it either! Which is a shame, since I’d love to see all of the guest stars. But, I can’t even take one for the team and suck it up enough to watch that. Boo.

  6. Yeah, what a crime get a little tear eyed after your friend recived a great honor for his work…. I’m a gleek a and I have no problem with no liking the show, but attack the actors is low……

    1. That wasn’t a little tear. That was a Broadway-sized, play-it-out-to-the-back-row tear.

      And I’m sure Ms. Michele is a lovely person. When it’s to her advantage. And cameras are around.

  7. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Lea looked so desperate for an award last night, it was sad, really. I’d applaud them if the didn’t use auto-tune, and didn’t perpetuate the typical gay stereotype that Kurt has adopted, eh.

  8. You are completely correct on all the reasons to hate gLee, and yet I find myself watching it every single week. Which is even more bizarre because I, too, hardly watch any TV! It’s one of the five shows I record and watch! I think it’s because I was queen of the show choir when I was younger, just couldn’t get enough of it! I enjoy the arrangements of the music most of the time, although recently I feel they’ve fallen short. (The Umbrella mash-up with Singin’ in the Rain was pretty good, I thought. And I actually enjoyed Gwyneth’s rendition of Forget You, too. Didn’t like the Xmas episode at all except for Baby, It’s Cold Outside) The storylines have become ridiculous and trite, and even Sue Sylvester’s character is no longer funny. I watch mostly to see what songs they “sing” and how they perform them.
    I don’t know. I hear everything you’re saying, and the other posters here, too, and yet I will be watching the big Super Bowl episode. For some reason I just can’t help it!
    Sad, I know…

    1. That isn’t sad at all, because I am still watching for the same reasons! Even though the show is mostly cringeworthy and questionable as a form of “family entertainment,” I still keep watching. Great job with putting it into words

    2. I’m in the same boat: I watch every week, even though I HATE it. Every week I look forward to it and then a few minutes in, I start yelling at the TV. Then I go to work and complain about it to my other Glee love/hating colleagues and by the time the next episode rolls around, my Etch-a-sketch brain thinks that this week’s episode looks great!

      I think part of it is that I would like to learn more about the other characters (not Rachel, Mr Schu or Finn) and so every week I look forward to the development of their characters and am disappointed.

  9. When I tell friends I don’t watch the show, they tend to look at me like I have two heads. As if being an avid musical theatre person should automatically put that show in my ‘like’ column. One high school friend said “Oh my God, it’s just like high school.” And I countered with “What high school did you go to?”

    I did the first 13 episodes, because I really wanted to give it a try. But with the loopy plot twists and the autotune (I regularly fast forwarded through most number, save for the rare occasions Amber Riley got to fly solo), I had enough.

    And you’re right. It’s a show choir. When do they rehearse…?

    (As for Best Actress in a Comedy Series category… one of these is not like the others…and I was thrilled that Laura Linney won)

  10. Folks, Glee ain’t real life/high school/choir, any more than Nip/Tuck was an accurate representation of plastic surgeons. It’s a stylized world more akin to Wisteria Lane than Precious. And for the most part I love it (that said, I wanted anyone to win last night over Lea, who works my last nerve…although Laura Linney winning for her stock portrayal in a show even less realistic and more contrived than Glee…)

    I can see not liking it and have many friends who loathe it…

    But it makes me tear up on a regular basis and strikes a chord (more so than any Law And Order or CSI show…which I have not been able to sit through a single episode of…but as L&O keeps half of NYC employed I can’t bitch about it too loudly). The scenes between Kurt and his dad are television at its near finest. And while I cringe at the missteps (cough…Rocky Horror…cough). I’m constantly entertained.

    But what do I know…I thought Ricky Gervais was the best thing last night and cheered his last atheist crack

      1. Unfortunately….

        (have you every heard/used the Glee app on Iphone/IPad? Scares me how people are growing up now thinking autotuned voices are the norm…)

  11. Thank you! I don’t watch Glee for reasons that probably differ from most. When something gets as popular as Glee, I lose interest. I liked REM back in the early 80s when nobody knew who they were. As soon as they exploded, I gave up on them (although my husband adores them 24/7). Pierce Brosnan when he was Remington Steele? Oh yes! As James Bond, I lost interest.

    The only popular show that I HAVE stayed loyal to with sickening sheep-like ferocity is The Office. I have not loved every episode but despite a few bumps, the show consistently delivers painfully uncomfortable humor that I can’t stop watching.

    Like you, I don’t watch a ton of TV. I TiVo what I want to see and that has cut out a lot of the crap. It makes life much nicer.

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