‘Burn the Floor’ smolders on through Snowpocalypse 2011

Did everyone make it through this storm safe and sound? I hope so!

Tuesday evening, I was scheduled to review Burn the Floor, the sexy dance spectacle currently playing at the Bank of America Theatre through Feb. 13. However, I decided to abandon ship and high-tale it home.

But no silly snowstorm-of-the-century would stop my friend Katy Walsh of The Fourth Walsh from sticking to her commitment. She was one of the few brave theatre critics who soldiered on to see some floor burning, and her review is now up on Chicago Theatre Blog — a great theatre site that she also contributes to.

It sounds like this show is just what we need as the sub-zero temps creep in. A snippet of her review, (which is pure Katy):

Burn the Floor is pure eye candy! It doesn’t matter what you’re into: guys, gals, chests, breasts, asses, or legs, they have your flavor. Indulge yourself in a sweet bag of treats with plenty of red hots.

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