Using social networking to connect theatre professionals

Local theatre professionals Andrea Pikscher and her husband Jason had an idea: why not create a social networking site specifically for the Chicago theatre community?

“Jason was working as a production manager at a local theatre, and he came home from work one day talking about how difficult it was for him to fill an open technical director position,” explains Andrea, a musical theatre-trained actress who’s currently appearing in a new play, Run-of-the-Mill, produced by Currently Untitled Theatre. “He said that he wished that there was a place he could go where he could type into a search engine everything he was looking for in a person to fill this position, and have all those people pop up. I told him that we should do that, and we started working on our idea right away.”

That idea, which formed in June 2010, grew to become — and it continues to grow today, with more than 200 members on the site.

What is is a social networking site that aims to connect theatres with qualified theatre professionals, as well as to connect theatre professionals with one another. Professionals can create profiles for themselves where they can display themselves as professionals. You have the ability to post your resume, references, and photos, videos and sound clips of past work directly to your profile page. Also, you have the opportunity to join groups and forums to connect with other theatre professionals, look for jobs and auditions that are posted by theatres, start your own blog, and post your upcoming shows and events in our “Upcoming Shows” section.

Theatres have the opportunity to post upcoming jobs and auditions, as well as use our search engine to find people to fill those positions in case they ever need to fill a position quickly. Once theatres become members they also have the ability to post upcoming shows and events, and we at Theatre Pros will advertise their shows and events for free through e-mail blasts, Facebook and Twitter.

We also have a section called “Theatrical Services,” where people can post any theatre-related services they have to offer our diverse community.

Who is is built for?
Theatre Pros is built for anyone who works in theatre. This includes theatres, actors, technical directors, stage managers, lighting designers, and more. Really, anyone at any level who works in theatre.

What do you hope it will become?
We hope it will become the number one resource for theatre professionals in the Chicago area to find employment, as well as help us see what’s going on around our community by better connecting with one another. We would also like to expand the site to include other cities in the future.

Does it cost anything to join?
Nothing at all.

See? Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Check it out today >

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