Video: Susan Moniz in ‘Romance, Romance’

I’ve heard of Susan Moniz for years. While she’s a known-quantity in the Chicago musical theatre scene, it wasn’t until very recently that I’ve seen her work. (However, I’ve been blown away by her fierce vocal performance of “Since I Don’t Have You” on the Second City Divas: Live at the Mercury Theatre CD. If you don’t have this album, you should.)

So, when I saw her performance in Provision Theatre’s Shadowlands (my review here) last weekend, I finally understood: this woman is a star. While she doesn’t sing a note in the show, you simply can’t take your eyes off her.

So, like anything that fascinates me, I did a Google search, and came upon this wonderful performance of her from a 1992 production of Romance/Romance at the Cherry County Playhouse in Muskegon, Michigan, which was taped and televised for the now-defunct “Clairol on Broadway” series.

This is her big act act two number, where she — a married woman — contemplates having an affair with a married man, whom she met while on vacation in The Hamptons (oh, white-collar melodramas):

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