Chicago Theatre Addict goes to Kentucky

This Chicago Theatre Addict took a trip to the Bluegrass State for a spell. Here’s how it played out.

Quality time with the nephew:

We had “standy time,” I sang him a few show tunes (much to my brother-in-law’s chagrin), and changed a very soiled diaper. Adventures for all!

Took in a slice of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail:

We sampled Buffalo Trace (my favorite tour), Four Rose Bourbon and, of course, Wild Turkey. And I don’t even care for hard liquor! Also, on the way there, I got to soak in some authentic Kentucky landscape, which was equal parts garbagey and gorgeous. For example, seeing a burned out train off the side of the road is not uncommon:

My sister also told me that one of her colleagues lives next to a family who bought a new double-wide to replace their old, rusted out one. And when it arrived, they simply pushed the old one down the nearby ravine. Kentucky: a land of problem solvers!

Oh, what else. I attempted to rock climb (my forearms and wrist tendons are still pissed at me for this one), made Guinness cake and was introduced to the wonders of scrapbooking with the sister (verdict: scrapbooking is hard).

And with that — back to Chicago, courtesy of Megabus (which I highly recommend — quick, cheap and free wifi).

Tune in Thursday for my thoughts on the national tour of Hair, which I’m seeing tomorrow night.

Let the sun shine, bitches.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Theatre Addict goes to Kentucky

  1. The ability to make Guinness cake will gain you friends, trust me. It’s how I won over my office – before I even worked there! :)

    1. I forgot to credit you for the idea! It turned out wonderful, and even my very picky sister loved it. Also: so easy to make.

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