Brikenbrak Theatre Project announces next season and playwright development program

As I recently Twittered, Brikenbrak Theatre Project has announced their second season, and it’s a doozy.

The season kicks off with an intimate staging of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and artistic director Paul Cosca promises it will feature live music played by the actors and a real bonfire — in his backyard. Yes, as its website notes, Brikenbrak is a small theatre company with “little resources and lots of passion,” so Cosca is thinking outside the blackbox and staging the show in his backyard.

The FAQ on the show’s audition page also notes that the rehearsal process is extensive (seven weeks), so I’m sure the end result will be nothing short of extraordinary. I’m confident of this, as their last three shows were, in my mind, artistic successes — most notably their last production, Neil LaBute’s Bash. Macbeth runs May 27 through July 9, with shows playing Friday and Saturday evenings. More details to come as the spring approaches on Brikenbrak’s website.

The following three shows are on the table as well, with dates, venues and other details to be announced.

The Rocky Horror Show: Cosca is planning a gritty, raw production that, he promises, will step far away from anything we’ve ever seen before. And, he says, doing a musical was inspired by my observation that his company seemed unlikely to produce a musical any time soon (mind you, this was after seeing their second dark show in a row last season). Apparently,Cosca loves a challenge (or a dare, depending on how you look at it).

Machinal: I’ve never heard of this show, either — but the plot synopsis sounds absolutely intriguing.

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley’s classic novel will be given a new adaptation by Cosca, which, he assures me, will closely honor the spirit of the original text.

Also, as part of its second season, Brikenbrak has launched the Playwright Jumpstart Program — a new playwright development program designed to give new voices their first step to becoming professional playwrights. This year’s program is dedicated to young writers. More information can be found here >

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