Friday dance-off: Donna McKechnie vs. Debbie Allen

Stumbled on this thanks to Steve Rettger, and it’s simply too awesome not to share. The dance-off gets brewing 2 minutes in with requisite tension build-up, and Ms. McKechnie kicks things off at 2:20:

Things to note:

  • Total Cassie pose at 2:24 with a touch of Turkey Lurkey at 2:30
  • Amazing split walk at 2:47
  • Some more Cassie at 2:57 (must be the dance equivalent of her “money notes”)
  • I sense a hint of “America” at 3:17-3:20
  • Something dramatic’s happening at 3:25-3:30 — just ignore
  • OMG. Cassie, I mean Donna, was too busy popping her head and totally flubbed the kick at 3:39!

The winner? Ms. Allen by a head pop.

Continue watching past the 4 minute mark if you want to see Donna cry. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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