Celebrity GPS

Ever wonder what it’d be like to have a boozy Lucille Ball navigate your road trips? Punchy Players brings that fantasy to life:

This reminds me of our GPS — a first generation TomTom. Because it gives about 20 basic commands (turn left, turn right, take the exit ramp, etc.), it’s ideal for the random celebrity to lend their voice to the device. Naturally, I have Joanna Lumley as our GPS navigator. Anyone who rides in our car long distances (or a few blocks — I’m horrible with directions and self navigation) gets a thrill hearing Patsy Stone saying things like, “Turn left on the motorway,” or, “You’ve reached your destination, darling.”

Meanwhile, my sister has Darth Vader on her TomTom, which essentially summarizes how different we are from each other.

In other news, I’m seeing White Noise tonight, and based on the online discussion, this is gonna be one wild ride. Check back tomorrow for my thoughts.

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