My three thoughts on the Non-Equity Jeff Award nominations

First, see the list of 2011 Non-Equity Jeff Award nominations here.

And then read my three thoughts:

Thought one: Of the six nominated best plays, I saw a whopping ZERO of them. Which is some sort of accomplishment I think, considering I saw more than a hundred productions last season. What am I doing wrong?

Thought two: While I really did not like Hypocrities’ Cabaret (in fact, it offended me), I still understand why it was nominated so much.

Thought three: I hope Cats wins best ensemble, if only for the fact that the day I saw the show, it was like 30-below, and felt like it in Theo Ubique’s rickity-rack space, yet the cast still managed to sing and dance their faces off.

Congratulations, nominees!

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