‘Because it’s JOAN!!’ Six things Leslie Uggams can teach us

Hey! It’s June! When did this happen?

I’m hardly the first person to post this classic video of Ms. Leslie Uggams’ now-legendary performance of “June is Bustin’ Out All Over” from a Washington, D.C. concert on the Capitol lawn. (Kevin Daly unearthed the YouTube clip in 2008, and twittered it today.)

But I just can’t help myself. It’s such a classic.

So, without further ado, take it away, Leslie!

Ms. Uggams teaches us some valuable life lessons in this disastrous performance:

1) Never give up.
2) If you look like you know what you’re doing even when you don’t, you’ll likely fool people (except for that guy with the “WTF?” face at 00:32 in white suit coat and tie to the right of the screen).
3) Never give up.
4) Wear sparkles — it can’t hurt.
5) Finish with a big, belty note, and people will forgive you for anything.
6) Pray someone didn’t record your mishap and post it on youtube for generations to enjoy.

One thought on “‘Because it’s JOAN!!’ Six things Leslie Uggams can teach us

  1. It never gets old. NEVER!!! Thanks for posting. I’m now gonna watch it again, because it NEVER EVER GETS OLD! xo

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