Do people actually pay attention to theatre bloggers?

I mulled this question over after reading some long, rambly diatribes on other blogs.

Here’s what I have to say: are you reading this?

Well, there’s your answer.


12 thoughts on “Do people actually pay attention to theatre bloggers?

  1. I’m totally here. I’d rather hear what bloggers (usually people who love theatre, not the financial reward of writing about theatre) have to say than paid people who may be tempted to shill. Plus, I find bloggers to be far more honest – if the show is good, but the theatre lacks air-conditioning, for example.

  2. I read your blog through my Reader. I find that I agree with a lot of your comments on shows. I’ve worked in the industry in Chicago for about 6 years now and you’ve actually steered me towards shows that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

    1. Wow – that’s so cool, Laurie! Thanks for reading, and I’m so happy to have influenced your theatre-going habits (hopefully in a positive direction!)

  3. What if I’m reading it while doing other things, and don’t really pay attention? Huh? What then?

    In all seriousness, the blogosphere is full of too much angst. Anything to take the temperature down a bit is welcome!

  4. Yes. I miss Monica Reida’s writing the most, but I assume she was published and didn’t need a blog. (What happened to her?) Among the theater blogs, yours it the best.

    1. Thanks for reading, G and Michelle!

      G: I’m sure Monica is still writing. Have you done a Google search? I hope she is: we need more discussion from various perspectives about Chicago theatre.

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