Bway’s Funny Girl announced (sorry, LuPone)

And now for something completely unrelated to Chicago theatre.

After much speculation, gossip and conjecture, they’ve announced the star of the new Bartlett Sher-helmed production of Funny Girl, set to open on Broadway in spring 2012. And it’s some TV actress I don’t know.

Oh, well. (Hey, anyone but Lea Michele, right?)

Obviously they didn’t get Patti LuPone’s audition tape:

(Things to note: LuPone’s still singing the wrong lyric and love how it seems like she’s pulling back the reins on a horse before hitting her final note at 2:22. Fabulous, no?)

To make this Chicago theatre related, Jessie Mueller would have been a fabulous Fanny Brice. But, guess what? As announced by The New York Times this morning, Mueller’s set to star in another Broadway-bound revival of a show connected to la Streisand — On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.

10 thoughts on “Bway’s Funny Girl announced (sorry, LuPone)

  1. TTRue about Jessie Mueller. But Lauren Ambrose is a very good actress. She got raves for her portrayal of Juliet a couple of years ago in Shakespeare in the Park. And apparently she can sing. And she’s kind of funny looking, without looking like Barbra.

  2. You don’t know Lauren Ambrose? I guess you have never watched Six Feet Under. IMO, the best TV show ever written. She is a great actress! I had no idea she could sing. Very cool!

    1. I may have seen her in something? But, no, I’ve never watched Six Feet Under. I’m one of those annoying people who rarely watch tv, and when I do, Gator usually has the remote. So it’s procedural crime drama central :)

  3. I didn’t know who it was until I read the “Six Feet Under” reference, then she started looking familiar. I always thought that Amy Winehouse would have done a good Fanny Brice. She had the voice, the looks, the fame, and there was no way you can compare her to Streisand. There goes that fantasy casting..

  4. I didn’t know that Lauren Ambrose was a singer either, but she is a very good actress. She was great on “Six Feet Under” and in the 2000 film, “Psycho Beach Party”.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Marc. Yeah, I guess she can sing, but has she played the lead in a musical 8 times a week? This is one hugely demanding part — even for an experienced musical stage actress.

  5. I saw Lauren Ambrose on Broadway in Eugene Ionesco’s “Exit the King” with Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon. She was pretty good, in a non-singing role. (She played the younger, adoring wife of Rush’s character.)

  6. Um. I think you’re all forgetting Ms. Ambrose’s finest role – in “Can’t Hardly Wait.” She’s the angry girl who winds up locked in the bathroom with Seth Green. And she’s awesome.

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