Poll: Summer theatre in Chicago

As a born and bred Midwesterner and now decade-long Chicagoan, I know how preciously we hold these two months of warm weather before we’re forced to put pants and close-toed shoes back on.

As such, this time of year is typically a slow period for Chicago theatre. Who wants to spend these rare, warm evenings in a dark, windowless room with a bunch of strangers?

So, I’m curious: What draws you into the theatre during these lovely summer months? Take my poll below:

One thought on “Poll: Summer theatre in Chicago

  1. I would like to personally invite the readers of Chicago Theatre Addict to check out “Women are Crazy Because Men are A-Holes” now playing at the Greenhouse Theater Complex Sept 2-25th. We opened last night and the crowd loved it.

    Use this code, “crazychicks” to get 35% off this weekend when you buy at http://www.cyur.com.

    It is a funny, sexy, modern, adult comedy.

    Dave Fraunces

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