First look: ‘Sweeney Todd’ at Drury Lane Oakbrook

Swing your razors high, kittens! Drury Lane Oakbrook Terrace has released Sweeney Todd production photos. The much-anticipated production, which is currently in previews with press opening tomorrow night, stars Gregg Edelman and Liz McCartney.

And Judging from these photos, it looks like director Rachel Rockwell is more than delivering the musical’s grand guignol — emphasising the word “grand.” Loving Mrs. Lovett’s wig and the lighting design.

I’m seeing this Sunday, Aug. 21. Can’t wait. Will report back.

Gregg Edelman, Liz McCartney and the cast of “Sweeney Todd.”

Gregg Edelman and Liz McCartney

Gregg Edelman and Liz McCartney.

Heidi Kettenring as the Beggar Woman and Gregg Edelman as Sweeney Todd.

More photos (and ticket info) can be found here (click on the “Pictures” tab).

4 thoughts on “First look: ‘Sweeney Todd’ at Drury Lane Oakbrook

  1. Saw the preview Saturday night-wonderful voice and acting,top notch cast, beautiful costuming. Some staging and set changes were awkward, hopefully will go smoother for the opening.

  2. I saw the 5 p.m. performance yesterday with 3 others and we all loved it. Thrilled to see a “big” Sweeney after various good but smaller productions over the years. Gentle Gregg Edelmann is perhaps not the definitive Sweeney but all of the other casting is brilliant. Loved not only Liz McCartney as Mrs. Lovett, but Emily Rohm gave a thrilling vocal and acting performance as Joanna. The Beadle did wonders with Ladies in their Sensitivies and his Parlour Songs scene. And if you are wondering where you have seen the actor playing Pirelli before (George Keating), he was Gould in Northlight’s “Grey Gardens,” and is in wonderful voice here. Some in our party thought the 13 year old Tobias was too young to carry off “Not While I’m Around,” but I thought he was very sweet (and I enjoyed his boyish voice).

    Only 7 musicians in the pit, but you’d never know it.

    I hate driving to Oakbrook Terrace, but I probably will see this again.

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