Brikenbrak Theatre Project to present world premiere of ‘Wolf’

The ambitious storefront theatre company, Brikenbrak Theatre Project, is getting ready to open the premiere of Wolf, a new play written by artistic director Paul Cosca. I’m attending Aug. 25, and will report back. The provocative premise and preview video both pique my playgoing interest.

Given the nature of society, can certain relationships ever be more than just predator and prey? The relationship between a young teacher and his student is put under the microscope after tragedy strikes, and in a case with more questions than answers, the truth may be little more than a question of perception.

“Wolf”, directed by Paul Cosca, features April Taylor, Kacy Smith, Paul Tinsley, Danny Mulae, Marilyn Bass, Paul Cosca, Frank Sjodin, Shannon Parr, and Donaldson. Performances run Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm from August 25th through September 17th. All performances are at The Think Tank (1770 W. Berteau Ave.) and tickets are 10 dollars. More info here >

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