Drury Lane to take on ‘Sunset Boulevard’ in 2013 — let the casting rumors begin!

Drury Lane Oakbrook loves its diva shows. In 2010, they did Funny Girl (my review here), and they’ll close out their 2011-2012 season with Gypsy (casting still to be announced).

And now, this near-Broadway-quality suburban theatre has announced its upcoming season, and it includes a host of shows inspired by movies, including Hairspray, Promises, Promises and The 39 Steps. Rounding out the season is one of my favorite guilty pleasure “diva-cals”: Sunset Boulevard.

This will be the second regional production the Chicago area has seen. Marriott Theatre did the first regional production ever of the Andrew Lloyd Webber show in 2004, starring Chicago actress Paula Scrofano. I missed that production, but clips are online, and it looks decent.However, rumor is ALW wasn’t pleased with it for whatever reason, and withheld the regional rights for years.

But now, Sir Andrew has relinquished the rights, and all sorts of regional companies are taking on this divatastic musical, which gives our nation’s surplus of underemployed small screen stars a chance to get their Norma drag on in the provinces — take for example Stefanie Powers and One Life to Live‘s Kim Zimmer.

Now, with Drury Lane taking this show on, the casting rumor mill can begin (yes, it won’t open until January 2013, but it’s never too early for these kinds of things). While I’m hoping for a Chicago actress, who would YOU like to see in this role? Comment away …

9 thoughts on “Drury Lane to take on ‘Sunset Boulevard’ in 2013 — let the casting rumors begin!

  1. I’m more excited about Promises, Promises – one of my favorite scores – but hopefully they will set it in 1968 and not 1962 like the recent Broadway revival. As for Sunset, I’d like to see Patti LuPone as Norma, but I don’t think she would be interested, do you? Also, just a friendly FYI, Stefanie Powers was a “nighttime” tv star (Hart to Hart, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.).

    1. I, too, am looking forward to “Promises.” My only experience with the show was a lackluster local production nearly 10 years ago.

      Re: Ms. Powers — Fixed! And I also corrected the spelling of her name.

  2. Donna Murphy would be great for a major production. Regionally (but on a big scale), I think Julia Murney..Liz Callaway..Emily Skinner..

    1. Agreed! Hollis, I gather, was actually supposed to star in Marriott’s production, but she had another commitment.

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