New Chicago theatre podcast: “Off Book” (featuring yours truly)

My dear friend and fellow Chicago theatre blogger Katy Walsh has teamed up with Chicago actor Joshua Volkers to produce “Off Book,” a new weekly podcast discussing our vibrant and ever-growing theatre scene. I was honored and flattered to be asked to participate in the premiere episode, along with Time Out Chicago theatre editor Kris Vire.

I urge each of you to subscribe to this chatty, fun and informative podcast, which is distributed by the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP). The format includes Katy’s thoughtful comments on shows she’s seen that week (the woman is a theatre-going machine), interviews with Chicago theatre people led by Volkers (hence my involvement in this first eppie), and, sandwiched between these two sections, one-minute radio plays written by local Chicago artists and performed by the interviewees.

Learn more and listen in >

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