Alien + Queen = all sorts of potential awesome

What happens when you take the cult movies “Alien” and “Aliens” and combine them with the glorious rock music of Queen? You get Alien Queen: The Concert — a gender bendy, rock musicy, performance arty evening. Words fail me. Just watch this clip:

Crazy, right? Originally performed at Circuit nightclub in Boystown, this cult show has has quickly gained a following, and even played Metro in October. Alien Queen: The Concert makes another appearance on December 10 at Metro as part of an evening dubbed The Holiday Ho-Ho-Horror Show. DJ Boywonder will open the show, followed by Battlestar Fantastica — a “terrifyingly sexy sci-fi variety hour.” Alien Queen then concludes the intergalactically eclectic evening.

And I’m checking out the awesomeness for myself.

Because I have so many questions regarding the inspiration for this piece, I’m speaking with Alien Queen creator Scott Bradley next week. So, keep an eye out for that interview.

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