How was Chicago theatre in 2011? One word: Phenomenal

I love doing the Chicago Theatre Off Book podcasts with my friend Katy Walsh and her partner in podcasting crime, Josh Volkers. This go round, Katy, Kris Vire (theatre editor of Time Out Chicago) and I discuss the shows that made our individual top 10 lists, as well as what shows we’re salivating to see in 2012.

But first, a word of warning: Katy always offers a “shot word” for each weekly podcast, and this time it’s “phenomenal.” If you partake in this challenge, make sure you have a stomach pump nearby to overcome any potential alcohol poisoning.

Listen to the podcast now >

Also, for my final comment about the Chicago theatre artists who had the biggest year in 2011, I chose director/choreographer Brenda Didier, which is fine and well-deserved. However, if I were more prepared, I would have chosen Jackie Taylor, who opened the multi-million dollar Black Ensemble Theater facility at the end of the year. I’ve yet to visit it, but that’s a major achievement and a huge addition to Chicago’s theatre scene.

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