Hollywood heads ‘Into the Woods.’ Again.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that director Rob Marshall is reteaming with Disney for a film adaptation of Into the Woods, the classic Broadway musical written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine that explores what happens after “happily ever after.”

And the twittersphere has been blowing up with casting ideas. After all, for my generation, ITW is one of those beloved shows that we either grew up with or performed in high school, or both.

Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it. Hasn’t ITW been in the Hollywood potboiler before? Like in the late ’90s or thereabouts? Actually, yes: I just found my notes from when Sondheim spoke at the Harris theatre in 2010: “[Sondheim] revealed that a movie version of Into the Woods was in development many years ago, combining puppets by Jim Henson with live actors.”

(More info about this first movie version is covered in a recent Playbill.com article.)

Yup, I recall when this news broke and the internetz were abuzz with rumor and casting ideas. (And I still think the Muppet idea is rock solid.) Yet, like many other musical movie projects, it was abandoned.

This Hollywood Reporter announcement seems all too familiar.

But maybe this time, with Disney money behind it, Marshall’s ITW film will actually become a reality? However, I’m not sure if he’s the best director for this project (I’d be interested to see what someone like Tim Burton could do with the material — or, again, maybe not), and Lapine did some silly things with the book when he tweaked it for the 2002 Broadway revival, so I’m not sure if he’s the right guy to adapt his own material.

At any rate, let’s just skip to my Hollywood casting conjecture (which is a bit tongue-in-cheek as it reflects my disdain for Hollywood mucking up musicals):

Baker: Paul Giamatti (or Depp)
Baker’s Wife: Kristen Wiig
Witch: Catherine Zeta-Jones (or, you know, Gaga)
Cinderella: Taylor Swift
Little Red: Some newname
Jack: Bieber
Milky White: A Kardashian (here’s the dream casting)
Cinderella’s Prince: Taylor Lautner
Rapunzel’s Prince: Who really cares?
Cinderella’s Stepmother: Miss Piggy
Stepsisters: Olsen twins

What’s your dream casting?

5 thoughts on “Hollywood heads ‘Into the Woods.’ Again.

  1. My dream is for Rob Marshall to stay the hell away and not mess it up like he did “Nine”. I shudder to anticipate.

  2. This rumor concerns me, and it’s Rob Marshall’s fault. Is he going to do the same thing he did with Chicago and Nine and make the whole thing a figment of someone’s imagination? Perhaps the baby-obsessed Baker’s Wife will have musical dream sequences. Or – gasp! – maybe they’re all patients in a mental ward having a combined dream. Or they’re actors playing the roles in a Sondheim movie. I just don’t trust that Rob Marshall trusts audiences enough to do a musical without a big shiny gimmick.

    Is Laura Benanti famous enough to be in this somewhere? That’d be splendid. If it happens.

    1. Yah gotta have a gimmick, as they say. True, Marshall tends to use some lame framing devices to make musicals “work” for the silver screen, rather than just letting the story simply be said, with music, in an artful and original way.

  3. Funny thing is the last production in London did the whole “happening in the mind” thing. They had a child imagining the whole thing. Very Mashallinian. Yes I just made up that word. Jealous?

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