2011 Honor Awards, honoring the very best of Chicago theatre: The **official** unofficial recap

The 2011 Honor Awards®, the official alternative Chicago theatre awards show mastermind(ed) by Katy Walsh and Joshua Volkers, took place last night, and what a whoop-de-do blast it was! Great turnout, lots of free booze and lolz-a-plenty.

Also, some people got awards, and a few gracious folks actually showed up to claim them. Imagine!

Did you miss it? Well that’s too bad for you. But good fortune! The internets captured it for all times’ sake:

Watch now!

To add a fun, participatory layer as you watch, grab your favorite libation and shot along with us when summoned (21 and over only, please). Also, try not to void when Eric and Andy from Eric & Andy’s Reviews You Can Iews take the “stage.”

And, BTW, that crazy thing we’re standing next to that looks like a giant paper-mâché lady bit is actually a partially constructed set piece from Oracle Production’s upcoming play, The Maids (Oracle loaned us the space for the awards ceremony). However, since I know nothing about The Maids, other than it has something to do with bourgeoisie lady-murderers, it could very well be a giant paper-mâché lady bit. Joke’s on us!


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