Conversation with a cabbie: a totally true love story

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Yesterday evening, as my cab pulled up to The Den Theatre for Nothing Special Productions’ My Kinda Town, this totally true conversation transpired between me and the cranky and colorful Greek cabbie:

Cabbie: Is this the place?

Me: Yup.

Cabbie: What is it? Some small fucking shit theatre or whatever?

Me: I guess so…

Cabbie: So many small fucking shit theatres in this town. In my country? Theatre is a fucking amphitheater. Here? Some shithole.

And that’s when I fell even more in love with our crazy city and our “shithole” theatre.

One thought on “Conversation with a cabbie: a totally true love story

  1. And that is one of many reasons I love Chicago, too. I live in San Diego which has a nice theater scene, but nothing like yours. Every time I read a review about a show in one of your shitholes, I look to my calendar and wonder if I could arrange to be in Chicago around that time.

    That was a wonderful story. Thanks.

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