Internet stalking The Light in the Piazza’s Kelli Harrington

Do you have your tickets to Theo Ubique’s The Light in the Piazza? No? Well, you should, because it’s remarkable. In fact, Chris Jones gave it an out-and-out rave and said that Kelli Harrington, who plays Margret Jonson, is, “currently delivering one of the best performances of the year on a Chicago stage.”

I also adored the production (my review here), and now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, I think it surpasses Marriott Theatre’s production, which I also loved — so much so that I saw it twice. In particular, Ms. Harrington’s soaringly-sung and smartly acted performance has grown on me — to the point that I did some internet searching to learn more about the actress/singer. And I’ve found very little. However, I did stumble on this press photo from a 2008 production of Sweeney Todd (produced by Night Blue Performing Arts Company — a group I’m unfamiliar with), with Harrington playing an apparently goth Mrs. Lovett:

Isn’t that something?

The point of this post? See Piazza, people, and revel in Harrington’s performance.

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