Huffington Post Review: Goodman Theatre’s ‘Camino Real’

While there were many moments in Goodman Theatre’s deeply disturbing and immensely fascinating production of Tennessee Williams’ Camino Real that flew over my head, one thing certainly didn’t: a large chunk of stale bread tossed into the audience by an actor, which navigated right to my forehead, ricocheted off it and landed square onto my theatre companion’s chest.

Ah, live theatre!

This is just a minor example of Calixto Bieito and Marc Rosich’s daringly (and sometimes literally) in-your-face adaptation of Williams’ rarely produced work. Sure, Williams is well-known for his psychological dramas where characters escape into dream-like worlds that eventually crash in around them, but Camino Real takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Continue reading at The Huffington Post >

2 thoughts on “Huffington Post Review: Goodman Theatre’s ‘Camino Real’

  1. This play was just horrible. I felt like being present at some sort of satanistic mass. The sexual acts performed by actors were horrific.
    This play has nothing to do with art. I was offended…and I feel giulty for not leaving Goodman theatre earlier. What a shame….

    1. We were also at that play – we left early and made 10 other people stand up so we could get by. Absolutely the worst show we’ve ever seen.

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