Huffington Post Review: ‘Freud’s Last Session’

In Mark St. Germain’s play, Freud’s Last Session, which is receiving its Chicago premiere with the original New York cast, director and producers, he imagines what would happen if a young C. S. Lewis and the infamous psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud were to spend an afternoon together debating softball topics such as, oh, the meaning of life and the existence of God.

Lewis (Mark H. Dold), a devout Anglican, has been invited to Freud’s London office for unknown reasons. Freud (Martin Rayner), who’s suffering from the late-stage oral cancer which requires him to wear a nearly medieval mouth prosthesis, keeps him guessing, but soon the topic at hand becomes clear: how can a man as seemingly brilliant as Lewis believe in such an “insidious” lie as the existence of God? Lewis argues that it is indeed possible for an educated man to believe in science and also have faith. Continue reading at The Huffington Post >

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