New documentary series offers a rare backstage glimpse of working actor, Patti LuPone

Sometimes you wake up to discover that the world has bestowed a rare gift to you. Something that gives you hope for the world at large. In this case, it’s a YouTube documentary series on one of my favorite actors, Patti LuPone. In this series, we follow her through her travels as she, a working actOR (her pronunciation), moves from gig to gig — in this premiere episode, she’s the headliner on an Atlantis cruise. Her luggage, containing her costumes and makeup, gets held in customs, it rains while in Rome, she has to rely on the resident house crew for lighting and sound design. That kind of thing.

To me, it’s fascinating stuff, particularly watching her prepare for a show. She’s a professional, and knows exactly how to deliver to her fans. And I’ve a ton of respect for people who are not only good at what they do, but are good at enjoying what they do.

Oh, and the documentary is shot by LuPone’s son, Joshua, which offers extra entree into this Broadway legend’s backstage life. Love the final disclaimer at the end, too. Get your pesky camera out of Ms. LuPone’s face, people! Or else, nice things like this get taken away from us.

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