Chicago Theatre Addict taking mini hiatus, plus my short-term wishlist

The cast of Court Theatre’s “The Dead.” Photo by Michael Brosilow.

Life is stepping in, so Chicago Theatre Addict will be taking a back seat for a short spell. I promise to get my act together soon and back to commenting on all the fantastic theatre goings on happening in this beautiful city, including all the fabulous holiday shows (a Chicago Like a Local blog post on my holiday show pics is coming soon).

In the meantime, here are just a few other shows on my wish list. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch them before the holidays are over:

The Dead
Nov. 8 – Dec. 9, 2012
Court Theatre

As the description below highlights, Charles Newell and Doug Peck make an artistic team to be reckoned with. Furthermore, The Dead made an impact when it premiered at the Court a decade ago. This cast, which includes Chicago favorites Rebecca Finnegan, Mary Ernster, Susie McMonagle and Rob Lindley, is sure to lift the spirits.

“Artistic Director Charles Newell and Music Director Doug Peck, whose professional collaborations include Porgy and Bess and Caroline, or Change, team up for a delightful reimagining of Court Theatre’s eccentric holiday classic, James Joyce’s The Dead. Filled with the warmth of a flickering hearth, the fervor of an Irish folk song, and the mystery of a snowy winter’s eve, this piece tells the tale of a group of family and friends as they gather to sing and dance in celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany in Dublin at the turn of the last century. Hauntingly beautiful and joyfully spirited, James Joyce’s The Dead offers a heartfelt accompaniment to the holiday season.”

Nov. 9 – Dec. 23, 2012
Profiles Theatre – The Main Stage

I’ve always imagined cab drivers have one of the most colorful jobs in the city. The shit they see on any given weekend could easily form the basis for a three-act play. Hence my interest in Hellcab. First produced as a late-night show by Famous Door Theatre in 1992, the play was originally scheduled for twelve performances and ended up running for over nine years, becoming one of the longest running shows in Chicago theatre history. Profiles produces the 20th anniversary production, and if there’s any theatre company in Chicago equipped to produce such gritty material, it’s Profiles.

“Hellcab portrays the story of a cab driver in for the longest night of his life as he transports a bizarre and mysterious array of customers through the gritty streets of Chicago. Playwright Will Kern draws from personal experience as a former cab driver to create this alternately frightening, hilarious and poignant journey. Throughout his long shift, the eclectic collection of passengers includes a trio of drug-addicts, a born-again couple, a smug lawyer, and a randy duo on their way to a motel. Set during a bitter cold Christmas Eve, Hellcab presents a rear-view image mirroring the passing parade of humanity.”

Singin’ In The Rain
Nov. 8 – Jan. 13, 2013
Drury Lane Oakbrook

Who doesn’t adore this classic movie (and Gene Kelly’s, um, athleticism)? While sans Kelly, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Drury Lane, which has gained a reputation over the past few seasons for its spectacular productions, stages this classic.

“Set in glitzy, glamorous Hollywood in the 1920s, this lighthearted and funny tale centers on Don Lockwood, a film star who finds love while navigating the ever-changing world of showbiz. Singin’ In The Rain is based on the 1954 film starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, which the American Film Institute named the #1 Greatest Movie Musical of all time and The New York Times called “The happiest movie musical ever made.”

2 thoughts on “Chicago Theatre Addict taking mini hiatus, plus my short-term wishlist

  1. I really enjoy your comments about Chicago theatre. When I visit Chicago, I always look to see what shows are on and your one of the people I look to for information. So, that said, I hope you’re doing well and the life events are good ones.

    1. Thanks, Tuli! Appreciate you visiting and reading! So happy to hear my blog is getting people out and seeing theatre. Don’t worry: I’ll be back soon!

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