HuffPo Review: A Grand ‘War Horse’ and Giddy ‘Book of Mormon’ Burst Into Chicago

The theatrical year in Chicago has ended in full gallop with two highly anticipated shows receiving full-scale, top-notch productions, playing through the new year.

War Horse, the breathtaking international hit that took London and Broadway by storm, and the Broadway blockbuster The Book of Mormon, which is now bursting into Chicago with a sure-fire Chicago resident production, are both must-see productions. But for completely different reasons.

Adapted by Nick Stafford from the Michael Morpurgo’s young adult novel, War Horse was originally produced by the National Theatre of Great Britain in 2007 before moving to its Tony-winning hit run in New York’s Lincoln Center. And, quite simply, it’s the reason theatre exists. This epic-yet-straightforward tale of a boy and his horse who are separated and united by a war (WWI, to be exact) is told with such craft, such magnificent theatrically, it’s all you can do to sit and marvel. Read the full review on The Huffington Post >

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