HuffPo Review: Rivendell’s ‘American Wee-Pie’ Finds Sweet Victory in Second Chances


I remember my quarter-life crisis. Here I was, working long hours in a job I didn’t have any real passion for, broke, gaining weight, listless. I was going through the motions and letting self doubt rule my world.

Seven years later, I’m in a completely different place. I’m in a rewarding career, I’ve found a hobby that provides a creative outlet and a new social circle (the result of that being this review) and I’ve a new outlook on life.

So, I completely related with Zed (Kurt Brocker), a middle-aged textbook editor who finds himself back in his sleepy Midwestern home to tidy up his deceased mother’s affairs.

In Lisa Dillman’s delectably sweet and simple new play, American Wee-Pie, Zed, in line with his name, is used to coming in last. He’s a passive, detached observer in the parade of life. But when he runs into and old, and long-forgotten, high school pal, Linz (a delightful Jennifer Pompa), she rattles something in his core, which ignites his dormant inner fire. Read the full review on The Huffington Post >>

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