HuffPo Review: Haven Theatre Presents a Glam, if Glum, ‘Hedwig’


Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a show that either resonates deeply, or you walk away slightly disoriented. For me, Hedwig is one of the best rock musicals written in the last 45 years, ranking right up there with RentJesus Christ Superstar and Hair. Conceived by the brilliant John Cameron Mitchell (who played Hedwig in its famed Off-Broadway run as well as the beloved underground film), it’s a fascinating character study that keep you on edge, while Stephen Trask’s unexpectedly tender and haunting rock ballads make you lean forward.

However, the show demands a strong directorial vision to help it transform from performance art rock concert to a deeply personal rock confessional. As its inaugural production, Haven Theatre’s Hedwig comes mighty close to capturing the shattered spirit of this overlooked glam rocker. This is mainly due to fearless performances from Ryan Lanning as Hedwig (who manages to capture Hedwig’s poise and fragility, as well as her dark insecurities and rage – with a compelling rock tenor to boot) and Lauren Paris as a quietly brooding Yitzhak. Read the full review on HuffPo > 

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