HuffPo Review: It’s All About the Dance in ‘Flashdance – The Musical’


Alex just wants to dance! When asked to describe how she feels about dance, she chooses one word: passionate. She “is the music.” She looks good in a skimpy two-piece dance suit and legwarmers.

Trouble is, she’s a steel mill welder who moonlights as an exotic dancer at the neighborhood bar and grill. How can anyone take her passion seriously?

Don’t worry — she finds her inner flashdance and all is right with the world.

Look. Flashdance – The Musical is not great theatre. It’s not even very good. However, it is entertaining. Particularly due to the fact that it’s a show about following one’s passion by overcoming the odds. We can latch on to Alex’s story.

Also, it’s a love story. Read the full review at The  Huffington Post >

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