HuffPo Review: Nora Dunn presents a funny, if fragmented, one woman show


Nora Dunn knows how to tell a story. Particularly when she’s telling it from the perspective of a character. From an old-school Hollywood agent to a precocious girl who attends a school for the creatively gifted, Dunn uses these characterizations as a conduit to tell her side of the showbiz story. The side where a shy, “hopelessly Midwestern” girl, such as herself, finds herself ill-equipped for the fast-paced “let’s have lunch” Hollywood lifestyle.

It’s when she switches back to her persona, Nora Dunn, that the show falters in its footing. That’s not to say Dunn, best known for her late ’80s-early ’90s stint on SNL, isn’t an engaging personality — she’s honest, grounded, accessible and immensely likable. No, the problem is she seems least comfortable as herself. Which is oddly fitting, given that her show explores the challenge of being a performer vs. being a personality. And personalities are what make connections and build careers. Read the full review on The Huffington Post >

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