‘Dreamgirls’ at Porchlight Music Theatre


I almost skipped Dreamgirls at Porchlight. I’ve seen and enjoyed the movie, I saw a very decent (if emotionally neutral) touring production 6 years ago, I’ve watched Jennifer Holliday’s landmark performance of the titular first act closer in gay bars and YouTubes galore.

I mean, I’ve *seen* Dreamgirls.

Or so I thought.

Following the first act of Porchlight’s milestone production (now playing through May 22 at Stage 773), I had the theatre tingles. My adrenaline was pumping. Gobsmacked. The weariness of a long workweek had evaporated – I already knew I had to see this a few more times.

Porchlight does good work. I’ve been an admirer of the scrappy and steadily rising group since I moved to the city 14 years ago. However, all their previous efforts didn’t prepare me for this. Read the full review on the Huffington Post >>



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