#EduHam: Inspiring Young Minds Through the Power of ‘Hamilton’


Perhaps you’ve heard about a little show taking the world over by storm. And Chicago is lucky enough to have it, eight nights a week for the foreseeable future, at the PrivateBank Theatre.

But another show is also happening on that same stage during Hamilton’s off-hours – one that’s just as dynamic, and perhaps even more inspiring. A performance that makes a powerful case for the importance of retaining the arts in our schools.

This show, which I had the honor of attending last week, features students, who represent a wide cross-section of Chicago’s school system, performing scenes, songs and spoken word inspired by the celebrated musical Hamilton. And in the audience are a few thousand students who enthusiastically cheer each other on as their peers take a few minutes to bare their souls on the PrivateBank stage, prior to that afternoon’s matinee performance.

The Hamilton Education Program (#EduHam), made possible through a grant by The Rockefeller Foundation to the Gilder Lehrman Institute, gives high school students the unique opportunity to not only see Hamilton for just a “Hamilton” ($10), but leading up to that performance they spend time learning about American history, the enigma that was Alexander Hamilton, and the evolution and development of the celebrated musical.

Read the full report on The Huffington Post >

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