About [CTA]


Hi. My name’s Bob Bullen and I’m a Chicago Theatre Addict [CTA].

I adore Chicago theatre. All shapes and sizes: storefront, big budget, black box, splashy musicals, gritty dramas, Broadway in Chicago, broken folding chairs in a basement. I’ll take it all and share my thoughts here. I’m not a professional critic — I simply see a lot of theatre and have firm opinions, and enjoy sharing them with others.

In 2009, I committed to making this blog more about Chicago theatre, since I think any good blog needs a focus. And a stiff drink.

Also: check out this interview with me from Chicago Sun-Times‘ blog “Our Town.”

Also, also: in February 2012, I started contributing to The Huffington Post, and I continue to post on Chicago Like a Local, Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau’s blog.

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And finally, please leave comments! I’d love to hear what you think, and promise to do my best to reply.

Thank you.

Lame disclaimer: In keeping with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that unfairly discriminates against bloggers, who are now required by law to disclose when they have received anything of value they might write about, please note that I usually receive a press ticket for shows I write about.

11 thoughts on “About [CTA]

  1. Hey Hon. Great Site. I was half expecting the face of Patti to come up from the screen or something! Miss you and lets get together soon. Grey Gardens is coming in two months.

  2. Hey dude. I just stumbled across your blog tonight and immediately bookmarked you. I was gonna add you to my blogroll if you’re cool with that. I’d appreciate getting added to yours if you’re cool with THAT. :) Let me know.

  3. Dear Robert,
    Thank you for your kind and generous compliments to me on your blog. It’s always nice to have my work appreciated. I shall keep plugging along, but in the meantime I am having great fun rehearsing as Cruella DeVil. To set the record straight, Jools never hit on me, but I am flattered by the rumor. We both dig guys, but celebrate a women’s power. I confess, however, I have great difficulty celebrating Sarah Pailin and Ann Coulter. BTW, “Lucy” did win sweeps week with over 13 million veiwers (lol), but I catch your drift. I had the same reaction. Thanks again for the support. Wishing you all the best.
    Rachel York

  4. Wow! I’m so flattered that you took the time to read my blog AND respond, Ms. York. It’s easy to give compliments to someone so talented.

    And thanks for clearing up the rumor. It’s one of those rumors that everyone hears and just shakes their head.

    (And then a-holes like me perpetuate them…)

    Anyway, I’ll be sure to check out Dalmatians when it stops in Chicago.


  5. Hey there – nice site! My name is Scotty Zacher, founder and editor of ChicagoTheaterBlog.com. It’s always nice to find another person so passionate about Chicago Theatre. Would love to exchange links with you – let me know if you’d be into that.

    Also, a few weeks back a group of Chicago theater bloggers got together for a “Blogger Brunch” and we’d love to have you join us for our next one (perhaps in January?).



    1. Hi Scotty! I’ve added you to my “Theatre Reads” blog roll! Monica invited me to the kick-off blogger brunch last month, but I couldn’t make it. Hoping to make the next one! Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else.

  6. Hi Bob, You seem to be a busy man. best of luck & enjoy the shows. I am she=ur you will have a good time. Joyce

  7. Hello Bob,

    Kudos for the invention of such an interesting blog. What a really great idea, wish I had thought of it, and I hope you are receiving plenty of tickets to shows. I too am a fan of Chicago’s theater, and I have really grown to appreciate it since I moved to Montana three years ago. My family still lives in Chicago, and while looking for a particular “That’s My Mug” coffee shop to visit on my trip home I came across your mug imposed Reese WItherspoon birthday cake. (Hilarious)
    Anyway I am not a blog reader, this is actually my first blog comment ever. I thought I would give you a bit of advice. You may already be aware of this option being the theater buff that you are, but my mother is a ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter, and she interprets for Broadway productions in Chicago, and when they don’t give her free tickets she buys my sisters and I ‘obstructed view’ seats. (Interpreter’s salaries aren’t too lofty) Anyways, I know that shows are pricey, but I have never had a bad experience in an obstructed view seat. The tickets are about half the price, and if you haven’t tried an obstructed view seat option it might be worth a try. Just a thought. I hope all goes well on this endeavor. I also hope this is an appropriate ‘blog comment’.

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