And now for something completely different: “Julie & Julia,” Punchy Players edition

It’s Tuesday. Time for some random silliness. I’ve been a fan of the folks behind the Punchy Players YouTube channel for about a year now. While the frequency of their output is small, the quality and creativity of their work, which is mostly spot-on parody, is staggering. Check it: To make this Chicago theatre related,… Read More And now for something completely different: “Julie & Julia,” Punchy Players edition

Saturday morning

A typical Saturday morning in the Bullen-Karpo household. Coffee in a homemade mug and HGTV: A step outside on the patio, to be greeted by an uninvited guest (I can’t believe I took this picture): It’s like the Battle of Gettysburg around here: Gator playing around with Google Sites: Alley, unamused:

Book worm

I rarely have time to pleasure read. I literally have books I’ve been working on for a year on my bed-side stand collecting dust. On top of that, I actually think I have undiagnosed literary narcolepsy, because every time I crack open a book, I’m guaranteed to be drooling on it 10 minutes later, dead… Read More Book worm

Odds and ends

Promises, Promises Broadway revival cast recording: It’s like bubble gum for the ears! Ok, not the best metaphor, but gosh, this is one darn enjoyable cast recording. Surprising, as I wasn’t expecting much. Sean Hayes has a delightful singing voice, and Jonathon Tunick’s orchestrations sound crisp and bright. I love that they kept the “vocal… Read More Odds and ends